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For past few months we have been working on the latest and greatest in the L.I.N.K.S product line up
Our new website is under development and we will come back soon

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What Happened to Us?

To be competely honest, an attack on our servers corrupted our files. In the Process of recoverring and backking up we lost over 280,000 user data.
But we assure you the database wasn't breached so all user data was safe, just lost in the process of recoverring.
But file corruption was severe, so after months of trials, we are forced to remove the website and start building from scratch.
Before this event, for past 2 years we've been working on L.I.N.K.S Mark 4 with all the latest features one can ask for.
So we have decided to discontinue MARK 2 and Launch the new Mark 4 along with the new website which is under development and coming soon.
We humbly request to all our users to be a little more patient and give the chance to serve you again.

P.S : Users who had purchased SL2 License in the past, will get their account status back even though that data is lost.
We will release the details once the new website is live.

Thanks you for being Patient and being with us.



Action Area IIC, New Town,
Kolkata, India 700135

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