New Refurbished and Fresh Interface

In this fast pace world of Technology, we always have to stay updated. Introducing new Mark IV with a new dashing look to put you upto the pace you deserve

Expand the Boundaries

As LINKS reinged over the Personal Computers for ages. It's time to expands it's exelence to the smaller but in some case more important part of our lifes

Let's Go Beyond

Why stop at Smart-Phones and Computers when we can surpass our limits. LINKS Mark IV is coming to take over Smart-Watches and Smart-Tvs' as well. So the tech that you need, can be One Call Away.

What Does LINKS Mark IV offer ?

Let's check quickly, what is the new LINKS Mark IV all about.


    1. Natural Language Processor

    2. Natural Voice for Speech Synthesis

    3. Contextual Speech Regocnition

    4. Connected Devices

    5. Out of the Box Home Automation Support

    6. Plugins Support

    7. Feature Specific Patch Updates


    Beta Phase: Windows

    Phase 1: Windows, MacOS, Android

    Phase 2: Linux, iOS

    Phase 3: Kiosk screens, Checkout Portals, Multimedia Systems

    Phase 4: Robotics